Wednesday W3C

good morning. greetings Henchmen.
Spent the evening working on my photostream, now full of old goodness. Things are quiet, unless you count the blizzard coming our way, finally. Should be on wax in no time.
Last night I finally sat still and watched this old school videoblog which did nothing but excite me. This man is a hardcore outdoorsman and a silent genius; the Captain used to tell me about him but of course I didn't listen as much as I should have. Halfway through I noticed his bush pilot which reminded me of Cheechakos, written by Wayne Short, a bush pilot/fisherman out of Alaska who was a friend of the Captain's. I have all of his books, handed down before his death. He knew, or had a drink with just about everyone in Alaska I think, and was full of stories. On hell of a fisherman and one hell of a grandfather. This is the Captain, for old times sake. Now lift your glass and say "big business" cause that's all he ever did, was big business....no matter what. Dinner, sleep, work, fishing: It was all big business.

**even this would be big business, although....I cant imagine why. I hated the Nanny.

*** Joe the Plumber remains douchier than ever. Maybe he should date the Fran Dreschler. They can have a little girl and call her Nancy Grace.

****nobody died on the commute....but then I wanst listening to the theme song for Sesame Street either.

*****more fun with letters. or: sesame street is wac! (as they say.) Heres' the letter that brings you Wednesday; redefined.

UPDATE: theres a growing bulge in my brain....its the dreaded mental erection. Turn off your twitter stream and hide your loved ones. Im about to do something. Just dont know what yet. But its coming....I can feel it building. Brain-kakke.

****** from the place where hardcore is beautiful.

4 Henchmen:

Melissa said...

"McCain made me feel dirty." So does that mean Joe the Plumber is accusing the Senator of something... untoward? Made him feel icky and confused? You heard it here, folks. Let's start this rumor!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw McCain and Larry Craig go into a bathroom within 5 minutes of each other...then left at the same time. 20 minutes later.
wait thats not nice. Mccain is a honored veteran. thats a fact.

stacy marie said...

don't ask...don't tell...

Anonymous said...

my brains have exploded all over themselves in a fit of something from the I.B.S. diaries.