Tuesday Terror Level: L.E.D. white

Tuesday has not let me down. I overslept, spilled coffee in truck, leveled a stop sign and naturally: was late for work. Hello tuesday, you filth ridden bastard. Youve done it again.

*Lets begin together: Something to do with corruption methinks. Got a rumor in the inbox this morning that the holiday is close at hand and henchmen are grooming. My annual appearance awaits.

**its been a harsh morning. My Monday is your Tuesday and Im just catching up on what everyone else at work already knows. Tuesdays blow. There is a ray of light however, and its from the biggest douchebag on the planet, who REFUSES to lay down and just die already. Your pal and mine: The Dis-honorable larry craig. And yes, I refuse to cap his name. I want to see this guy burn.

***and yes I committed my first act of censorship ever today. Its obvious. I didnt like doing it. I still dont like doing it. Sometimes though...as an admin.....well you know. That will be my second cocktail credit for the morning. the first one occurred @ an undisclosed location on my commute, which was planned out by the same guys who wrote the Bank heist scene from Heat. Maybe I should find it on Youtube.

****i have two dates tonight. One with my flickrstream and one voting here: HCWD. Tonights categories are:
"Hottest 'Girl Next Door' Hott" / Douchiest New Accessory: The "Wristdanna" / "Most Innovative New Douche Maneuver" and finally: Douchiest Facial Hair: Do I even need to say this about voting? do I? fine: YES WE CAN! go forth, and vote.

7 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

My favorite quote of the day:

"Fuck Obama! I want to make money"

I will now continue to make paper snowflakes.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

censorship sucks but I just did it. fuck.

Anonymous said...

I got censored!

BOOM said...

I saw it, you're ruined!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous: yes you did. you forget: tuesday terror level means we are on high alert. Try again tomorrow. Most likely the henchmen will be fast asleep, heralding the return to anything goes.
Its tough being an infidel these days. It really really is.

Melissa said...

Dammit, I want to know what it said >:(