Toe-Tag City

henchmen: theres so much stuff going on I dont know where to begin. As usual, Huffster has all the answers to your queries. Otherwise its nuclear umbrellas and onshore pirate hunting. Business as usual? If I know Tony L, he has been up since 2am watching c-span and by now his head surely has spun off itself and is rolling towards the bedroom door, the burning, monkeyfucked cigarette still intact. Its a great day for Doom. Other floaties include Shatners Raw Nerve, cracking the toe-tag city crew and those hooligans from Houston known as Blaggards.
All in time, all in time young Hench.

**Shatners got a raw nerve. Better be good. Shatner never tweets. bastard. I am always waiting.

***seriously. I hang out here, really. twice a week maybe. Its good here. Keep the Hood close. Or in my case....umm..Alki. damn.

****winter is gonna knife you in the back this Friday.

***** green banksy or climate man.

2 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

I am disgruntled

Anonymous said...

as am i./ but i started working at 6am and now its gone almost 9pm. theres no end in sight. im a machine.