"Our Dorky Dad" or: Wednesday Chatter

*after a smashing/migrain-al (is that a word?) day like yesterday, this is easy on the soul.
Enjoy the first set from Obamas closet
Wednesday Chatter.

**oh great. Time to spawn?

***ahh of course! need a model for your next event? This ones hot and carries the Ninja Braintrust seal of approval. Worship her above.

****damnit! I might just be more like an apathetic Seattle-ite then I thought: Heres what these chucklefucks had to say about N.M.:
"We guess that ninja-motorhome is written by a man (52%), however it's quite gender neutral."
Its looking more and more like a move to the mountains is in order.

***** wasnt I just talking about Jim Jones? This is the most flippant statement yet: "Tim Carter, a Jones aide, stayed in the camp almost to the end and saw his wife and his 1-year-old son die before he was sent away on an errand."
What exactly....kind of errand was THAT?
more here

****** speedily scuttling towards 10k henchman.

******* celly is getting more chatter than an Al Quaeda hotline so lets clear it up: the pic above is my cousin. Yes, she is hot. Thats a good observation.
Now get up there and get on her site. I would pay her to show up at your party, were I you.

******** hahahaha! in true douchal fashion Jason Ellis just called himself White Obama, thanks to the XM/SIRIUS merger. (red dragon)

******** I hate Brandon Novak and here he is wearing a shirt that I just bought. DAMNIT! Click the pic for more. Im off to burn the shirt.

5 Henchmen:

Ur Momma said...

chucklefucks... love it.

*saved in insult bank*

SadieMBeagle said...

They sent him to get more kool-aid.

Sounds like it's time to apply for that hotsprings job!

Anonymous said...

headlines: dirty caretaker caught nude behind bushes as coeds frolick @ hot springs.

I have already been turned down for the job.

stacy marie said...

stupid gender site...it's say they are 69% sure my site is written by a guy.


Anonymous said...

I know...its a dumb place to be isnt it.
At least yours was definitive.