what time is it?

its somewhere on thursday.
Hi world im alive, i think im awake, cant tell.
Dont know where to start today, other than: im alive.
Birthday kudos and emoticons to Toad, who will never admit to reading this. I loaded the barf bag with Billy Talent just for her.
Ahh what the hell, heres one from the archives. Happy 28th Toad:

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Erica said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

insert emoticon here.
smiley emoticon.
have a good one kid-o.

Erica said...


Tracy Dart said...

you've been added to my bloglist my dear! :)

Ur Momma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May all your lemon drop wishes and jimmy cho dreams come true *lol*

Anonymous said...

kid-o= toad/munkey/boo/chunk.
all 4 at once. kid-o is ultimate awesome-ness.

BOOM said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Scorps RULE!!!!

Erica said...

Scorps do RULE, they rule the world!

Wish i would have met you BOOM!!!

Tracy - thanks! I read your blog, KEEP A TRUCKIN LADY, a beautiful and stute woman like yourself will change the world, keep that smile up!

ur momma - you owe me lemondrops, visits, love, the works! LOL
I will be seeing Jimmy choo this wknd i believe, havent' decided what to buy myself, suggestions?

**give the best thanks to handsome, we have our disagreements, but one thing we can agree on: LOVE all around

Anonymous said...

"handsome" do believe thats me.

BOOM said...

*shivers* you guys are disgusting.


Anonymous said...