damn ad/spyware

the trouble with having a houseful all weekend is when your laptop gets burned from d-bags going to stupids spots online.
i cant upload any new photos anymore, to this, or myspace or photobucket...its rough.
Popups everywhere you look.

I dunno what to do bout this, maybe Derka can fix it when she gets home.
Its 2:49 now, in just over an hour im gonna be under the gun for my newest ink, the salmon in the images below this post.
The salmon is important because every cycle he makes it home no matter how far he got or if he had never been there before, of course always the case.
For me, more than ever due to last night this piece stands more symbolic of what it means to wear this for the rest of my days. I called my folks last night about her seizure, worried and shook up like any kid would be who has seen his mum go through that and I left a message with 3 NUMBERS to get back at me......guess what? Nothing all day.

The salmon shows after all these years Im finally home, and home is me.
Home isnt in moms kitchen getting ready for thanksgiving, or a phone call late at night just to say hi....
Home is where Ive been at for the last 5 years, and the same spot Ive been building for the last 12. Its taken me that long to get this house ready but here I am. When I got the boot at my folks place at 17 years old I was hell-bound big time. I couldnt get there quick enough, but I learned over the years how I was playing the fool, and God set me aside, keeping me safe from myself and every asshole I ever put myself in the middle of the whole time thinking I knew the score, had it handled.
ha. thats funny that I thought I knew the deal.

I know my mum is ok, but I also know Im right about home. Home is right here with me no matter where I am. Im happy with what Ive been given and how I get to turn that into the life and things I want.
This piece coming will take up my entire arm, Ive been thinking about this for years and years, Im glad the time is now.

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