good weekend

had a great time this weekend, cold as hell outside but that means snow in the hills. We gonna have a good good winter I can tell!
Ok so Friday night after work Joe and Becca came over and Joe and I made gnocchi, which was a smash hit. Here we are building up the dough in the first shot of the sequence.
All weekend the house was full and everybody had fun.
The odd news of the weekend came off the wires last night around 7pm: My brother and his wife had a baby girl APPARANTLY, last friday? Hmm I dont know, I wanted to be there, so its too bad I heard so late. Other things heard LATE: Mom had a seizure I guess....
Again no one tells me much so I dont know the ins and outs of either of this, tonight Im headed up to Marysville to see Ayva my new niece.
good job guys.
ok heres some pics:
wtf? I cant load any pics for some reason..

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