what a time we had!

good lord what a weekend it was!
Erica got back on Saturday with a few people from Portland who had come up to run the marathon and a solar gnome Tony picked up for me somewhere down south.
When they showed up I was at Ian's under the gun getting more done on my arm (theres pics soon) and seriously if you need any sort of ink ever you have to get to this guy cuz he is good. I cant say enough, his attitude is down to earth and his skills are real.
We hung about downtown on Saturday night once we got the athletes into the hotel and settled proper. Elephant and Castle is where we ended up, and as usual the service, food, prices...everything was substandard. Why do we even go there?
Sunday was gameday so the house was full. Everybody showed up and eventually Ryan creeped over to sorta celebrate his birthday. I got him a cake, and then we all went down to Christo's and had a few in his honour once we were done playing alley football.
Later everybody left and Justin took over the futon as usual on Sunday, where this morning I woke him up with a hot cup and a quick boot.
Rumours abound there was an opening on Snoqual this weekend but I say no way. Let me know if you know anyone who actaully rode, hiked or otherwise.
I ordered my holiday gift early this year, getting a new set of board/boots/bindings for myself. Should be here in 2 weeks.
thats all I got for now, once the laptop is ready to upload fotos again you will see my new niece Ayva, my new ink, my new toys plus all the family stuff you can stand, Sullivan and Lucero alike.
see you guys soon and dont forget: pray for snow.

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