Im irritable today. Deeply so.

*I start my morning now. with an extremely attractive french girl that I will never meet. Share my joy, what little there can be on a morning such as this.

**Todays letter W is brought to you by Asian whores.

***heres another image from my cell phone.

****my office sits across from a remote set of washrooms. If you have IBS, I know about it. It doesnt help my day go by any faster. Good morning Vietnam.

*****a collective light bulb is going off across the globe. I see it, you can too. Reminds how there is "no cure" for cancer.

******ants will fuck you up, in case you didnt learn last week. Your lesson begins now: Gangland style ants then theres this heartwarming tale of global takeover starting in a city park/sidewalk crack/inside your childs swingset. Utter infestation continues with the urban ant
I had ants in my apt one time. Guess what I did? Have they ever returned? you already know they didnt. Im Chemical Ali. This Holiday season (unusually warmer than most) ive switched from Clorox to Lysol soap scum remover. Bugs do not fuck with me anymore.

*******new brown bag, go have a listen. Its throwback.

7 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

love, love, LOVE the new banner.

SadieMBeagle said...

"In/Out Privileges." LOOOOOOOL! Though I think I'm more interested in the private sling rooms myself.

Yes, nice new banner. What's the secret?

Anonymous said...

sling rooms. sicko.
I bet Sadie could make $$ in there huh.
the banner? evil henchmen drew that with the blood of children in the night.

Anonymous said...

I recognize that hand!

stacy marie said...

good...I hate kids

Anonymous said...

that is the ugliest set of fingers i have ever seen!!!

Anonymous said...