Saturday Sufferances

Im @ work. Nuff said.
Richard arrives tomorrow, the house is strewn about with snowboards, snow shovels, books, computer gear, rattlecans, razor blades and stenciling glass.
The good news is that Ill Master stencil is ready to meet...the streets.
Other good news is that my faith in the Asian owned burger joint down the street from the millionaires club is fully renewed. Had a kingburger with onion rings for breakfast. Way to go, Chung Ching.
THE 10K henchman came like a thief in the night, and then turned on the lights and said hello. Kudos and emoticons to Tracy, who wins a glass of the cheapest Cabernet I can find, only redeemable at the Greeks joint btw. Her blog is worthwhile and for a good cause.
Im off now to go daydream of eating Chung Chings kingburger off Molly Crabapples' bathroom floor, for on a desolate day such as this, where the birds sing in the sun, where all my gay friends dance under the rainbow; I languish behind closed doors...what more could I really need?

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