Friday Madness

Commencing the not quite end of work week with a late start, therefore need motivating. Molly Crabapple fits the bill. Why cant I be a jewish artist in Chicago? or wherever? Why do i have to be a small time....stencilist from Seattle. Who hasnt made a stencil in some time. I should start carving my new ill master series tonight. It will help my mind not think about Richard who will be here Monday.
I am at a loss for this. Gentle reader who does not know: Richard is my father, with whome no positive/hardly any at all otherwise communications hasnt been had with, going on 14 years now. IM excited to see him, but I dont know how to see him. I have no idea what it means to be a "son", or have a "father". I will brood on this for two days....until I come up with a plan. In the meantime I will be stenciling furiously and paying attention to Ms.Molly.
Friday chatter begins now.

*Check out a reloaded barf bag. If you dont know D.I.J. your forgiven. Fix malfunction now. Braintrust predicts 10k henchman within 14 hours.

**Richard will be here Sunday night. Sent a very pleasant email outlining his travel plans. My life is defined by not having a father, and suddenly theres one in the shadows....soon to be tangible, if even for a moment. This could be a massive upheaval.

***this is a pleasant sign of the times: methinks me likes!

****this is annoying madness but it is...Ellismate regardless. (red dragon!!)

*****your about to take a tweet-load to the face! If you tweet, you better check this out. Find more like it and share with your fellow henchman in the comment box.

******tweetkakke continues here Seattle observant.

7 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

I have this same madness with my mother DB. It's hard to even call her such when I've lived my life with her physically there, but mentally she's been my child. I hope your visit is short and pleasant and not too much has to be said, that you two can just be.

SadieMBeagle said...

Does he have any explanation for being out of your life for 14 years? I wouldn't feel comfortable pretending like all is well after that long a time. Seems like there should be a discussion of some sort.

Anonymous said...

everything will be fine.

SadieMBeagle said...

I just checked out your 'twitter local' link...immediately what jumps out is "but in my dreams he's dressed like a pirate and my dong is his peg-leg" from this guy http://twitter.com/swells1313

I say we all follow him and reply to his tweets.

Tracy Dart said...

I was the 10,000th visitor to your site! Do I get a prize????

Anonymous said...

actually you do. Cabernet I believe?
Most record smashing henchmen never come forward....well.....Beagle did, even though she hasnt collected her Scotch yet.
kudos and emoticons....Tracy: the 10k henchman!

Anonymous said...

of course tracy if you joined the twitter army...many more would send you kudos.....and emoticons.
go ahead....take your first tweet....everybodys doing it....