Behold! Goth Christmas

right now is the only time I will be listening to Red Water all day, find it here.
Today finds me unusually uninterested. The only thing that will get me out of the cave tonight will be an invitation to Mercury, and that most likely will not be happening....which is fine. I plan on drawing the shades and hiding from the ghouls. Abnormal? yes. Not feeling competetive at all, and I knew it would be this way when I went to sleep last night. I feel like Im an asshole today, I feel all out of sorts, antisocial.
I have strange new decisions to contemplate....and schemes to hatch. Im depressed today that people I know are losing thier jobs, that people I know are perfectly fine berating themselves for no reason other than for miserably misplaced attentions. People I know are drunken fools who cant pull their own asses off a barstool long enough to collect their lives. People I know are still coming up to me and saying wheres Erica. Thats nice living with ghosts.
People I dont know anymore want to know me again.
Ahhh the scourge of people.
Transhumanism is a big word.
Transhumanism is a scourge forthcoming.
You may not know this but every Friday and sometimes more, I hide a little nugget of goodness in the little brown barf bag. Today is friday. Reckless Friday.
Also Samhain.
Im not nearly as Goth as you.
Good day to you all.
*off air*

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SadieMBeagle said...

Buck up, little camper! I hope it doesn't upset you further when I give you an e-hug. And the fun thing that happens when people lose their jobs is that they can call in sick with impugnity. Woo hoo! All will be well, I know it!