A sailor in every port...

the title isnt a jab, in fact its a good laugh that only Marisa can appreciate, since she coined the phrase back in our...mispsent youth. Hi MARIS......i know your there and I know you love the irish. Call me?

Ok so ehres the things you need to know: word of the week: Quid. Again hi Maris.
Secondary to that...Ive discontinued my service with Verizon since they suck. I had the same number for years and years and finally got my panties in such a bunch that I said to hell with em. Now they gone, thanks be to God.
We started playing raquetball last night and we are gonna play again tonight....this time tomorrow there will be pictures posted of the battle. Safety glasses are hot.
Last night Kenji and I mounted my new deck, so Im ready for the season of snow, which starts in 2 days.....(vaca). I will post full itnierary later.....trust me your town is on my list of things to do.
Its cold outside and heres the two things that have really driven me nuts this week:
the douchebag outside Safeway who collects change for Salvation Army just sits around, like leans on a pile of wood and wont even ring the damn bell. I always walk by and shake my head in disapproval. Lazy bastard gets none of my change.
Then the song with the chic who apparantly wants to bang Santa Clause????? I donno I hate it. Its totally the gayest christmas song ever. Like Santa is gonna pump his fatass down the chimney and go get laid. Whatever.
Speaking of Christmas I like to say merry christmas to everyone I see who looks like it might offend them religously. Seattle is so uptight and PC it really gives me a giggle watching the Christmas discomfort.

For Christmas cooking we have been watching Anthony Bourdain and some hotass Italian who cooks in her bathrobe or something....I dont even know what she cooks......Erica knows her name.
Mike Holmgrem is as usual my hero. I want him to be my dad. Mike Im up for adoption!!
And what else....hmmm....nothing else.
Gone for 3 weeks in 2 days. I plan on Blogging daily the exploits of the irish, that is if the geek league who cant fix my laptop gets they asses in gear! Guys I need my stuff done right, fix it!

best website this week is http://www.yelp.com/
go forth and review!

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