head spins

stress levels are high this day and last, there alot happening. Its goofy how much work it takes just to get a vacation. Ive been prepping and planning for well over a week and I still dont think i have everything at the office ready yet. I dont even know what IM doing for me while Im gone, like when IM leaving or anything.......it really sucks. I want to just go away right now.
I got a hideous email from my little brother yesterday telling me I am suffereing consequences of whatever lifestyle he thinks I live, and not just that but theres more to come in the way of bad things for me, so he says. I know its all garbage becasue he has no clue who I am as a person but still it really chapped my ass and hurt my heart to read his harsh judgements. I was telling Erica last night how funny it was that I never get to speak to him and really only get dialogue when he initiates it, so as it is I only get a word or so every couple months but after that email I needed like 6 months off from him. I donno...its funny to me....in a sad sad way. Rick and Terry have corrupted and brainwashed those boys and I hate it. I was going to go see them on my holiday, drop in and say hello....be the bigger person and show that no matter what I am always willing to say hi...especially after the seizure or whatever she suffered.....but his email deflated me big time.......knocked the wind outta my sails so now I just feel like whatever who cares, its never gonna be better. Maybe that will change though.
Anyways....it is what it is, this is the hand Ive been dealt so I gotta play it cuz folding isnt and option. Mike Phillips is a loveable bastard in a bastard kind of way but something he really embedded in me and I think about every day is the memory of him limping up to me on that damn pegleg, popping a handful of Advil for the leg and the hangover.....on a train moving through Montana at 70 mph and his beady eyes would shrewdly glint and he'd laugh and say "godamnit Daniel if you do everything you can or nothing at all, dont ever surrender, no matter what. Fight til theres nothing left, never surrender".
Mike will never read this I bet, but I think he would laugh if he did.
Im gonna find a pic of him and post it. He was an outlaw through and through, I really liked him and I hated him at the same time. He would always say if 100% of the people who work for you are 100% happy all of the time then you are failing. Shake it up son, shake it up.
He was a real pisser. Anybody knwo where he is at? I heard Whitefish last....who knows though.

So there is some interesting news about Quid-Nunc, the outfit I hired to fix my laptop. Remember how they fouled it beyond the initial repair....I went back in yesterday with it expecting a battle and ready for war, in fact I demanded to see the owner and they immediately produced him, who then personally set about getting my system recovered. I was shocked in a way to see such a concern for my satisfaction, especially in Seattle. They still have my gear but I have to say that even if I get it back and its still in poor shape they get 5 stars from me for the level of service and attention to detail towards my needs. I am really impressed.
I will follow up with this becasue I think with service like that everybody should go there. Hopefully they fix the issue with my system and I can use my gear on holiday.

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