from stevens pass:

hell on wheels getting up here tonight. Icy roads, gale winds, and relentless .......well relentless nothing...... I just like the word relentless. Hell on wheels regardless. Bringing this beast up here is no easy task, Im always worried Im gonna somehow rat-fuck something and end up in the weeds somehwere. Last year was nuts when I first got this, I didnt know my ass from my elbow and I was using both the aforementioned to keep her on the road. Ron had ANOTHER good laugh at me when I told him the story of the first trek up Stevens Pass, getting aced out time and time again by anyone moving over 50mph and consequently getting sludged and smeared on the windshield, in addition to the blizzard conditions. I had no idea there was a wiper wash function at that time so I just battled up the hill like a crazed sea captain against an enraged sea. Everyone passing me got special mention and best wishes immediately. Erica was to busy being amused to be afraid.....good for her.Today is day 3 of my holiday, and Ive been proper the entire time. If youve ever had a drink or 10 with me then you know what I mean. If you havent, then after that remark, you know what I mean. Ive met my goals so far, in fact soon I will pull the bottle out of the snow outside the sloop and drink a drop.
Tomorrow we pull anchor at noon and Im gonna stop and see this guy about getting another battery for this thing, increasing my overall house power. In a few weeks it'll be the one year anniversary of getting this....that being said: we are lucky to be alive with me at the wheel.

Anwyays theres alot of killer pics to come in the morning, check it out.

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