the clock keeps drinking I keep ticking

day #4 follows thusly:

(even tho its only 8:15 in the am)

  • Atmosphere dropped a new Album...gotta go get.

  • Lost me pirate gloves, gotta get new ones.

  • christmas Im gonna be gone....derka gets a gift sometime today. Gotta go get.

  • gotta find Sony cybershot software but dont know where to get.

  • Gotta talk to my neice.

  • Dinner and drinks tonight with Josh and Sammy......gonna be good good times: proper sendoff.

  • next 2.5 weeks are straight up snow chasin in Montana Idaho and Washington with pics daily....therefore I need to pack.

it hasnt really hit me yet about my holiday, I thought it did early this weekend but now I am thinking about work for some damn reason. Gotta kick that habit.

On the 27th of December Im having my first annual Holiday Throwdown at the Alibi Room under the Market, lots of food and a FULL CASH BAR kiddies so get on down there and kick it hard with people you havent met yet but need to know. Theres like 5 flatscreens everywhere with snow flicks on all of em....plus Kenji in the booth spinning whatevers tight. Look for the evite this week. Ive rented out the entire dungeon so when you get there ask for DB and they will get you there...

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