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we had an incredible weekend, starting with Tony and Stevies first NFL game ever, Raiders at Seahawks on thursday night. I brought Josh along, who was with me just days before at the Vikings game. What a week for preseason!
Friday morning rolled around soon enough and the boys all came over to celebrate Tonys birthday, Josh and I went to Costco and threw down on some tri's- and ribs with all the fixins.
I made 20lbs of my kill potatoe salad and the party was on.........we turned in at 3am, but some of the boys were out til...5am, on the deck.
Saturday found us at Fishermans Terminal, the best place in the city.....and then up in the mountains to sleep off the night before on the muddy shores of Kachees.
Once we got home that night the boys came over again and we threw the football around and had a few good laughs. Sunday morning....I went up to Grammas and spent the entire day catching up with her. Shes my leading lady...I love that girl so much.
Monday morning Mlinda called up and wanted to hang out so we went to Bothell, brought her back to the beach and got her sorted out with breakfast and a shower before we took off to Monroe for the county fair. Once we got home Justin and I went to play softball while the girls got hooked all over again on Greys Anatomy. Whats with that show?
This morning...everyone is at work but me....I just got back from Fishermans terminal where I spent time looking for a job on a boat....doesnt look good though, Im too green, and not willing YET to kill my job in orde to chase a dream.
The votes are in though and so far NO ONE has said I shouldnt go up there and try my hand. Gramma says its in my blood.
Decisions decisions.
Check back here and we will have a foto blog of the weekend once I find the USB cord.
we got tons and tons of great pics.

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