Saturday Seattle (#4)

After spending 30 minutes here, my brain is fried. Its saturday. nobody is having any fun. Up next: swabbing the deck @ my photobucket hovel. Go forth and pillage.

**Dont tell me you still havent figured this out yet. Its daily.

***Poke around in @lexmachine's killer full-time motorhome

**** theres a fleet of forest bots watching you hike.

*****storing this here for further review/full reading later.

****** more storage for later tonight: death by sqids.

4 Henchmen:

JamSam Media said...

shave or old pix?

Anonymous said...

old pix......did you go to my bucket?

JamSam Media said...

just peaked in your bucket... i now have a lust for snow and vodka. go figure

Lexie said...

Hey, thanks for the pluggin'. Hopefully our MoHos will cross paths someday.