todays lesson: DOOM!

where to begin......Im barely awake even after half a maple bar and 3 cups of bad coffee....not to mention navigating the insanity that is the 1-5 on ramp off the W.S. bridge into Seattle this morning. Thats a damn gauntlet, try it with a pink vespa leering at you from the rearview mirror.
Things I'm already wondereing about: Joe the plumber, obamas purple lips vs. mccains pasty face, what really happened at the dumpster blog, pink vespas and I might recap the insanely good steak i had last night at Jaks......Idaho is in town, in fact they are holed up at the hotel so that should wake me right up in another 2 hours...annnnnd...lets see...........
we are all doomed. The white house is about to become befouled...although perhaps not as much as it has previously...and by that I mean the last 8 years.
Thats right: a registered DEM....and undecided voter.
there I said it. no right hooks until after 9am....then by all means bring it on. I need convincing and I am opne to all suggestions.
wheres that rot-gut coffee.
"John McCain shakes off his barnacles"....hahaha thats actually funny. I wish I woulda thought of that. http://www.nypost.com/seven/10162008/news/columnists/old_warrior_finally_has_his_great_debate_133886.htm

2 Henchmen:

SadieMBeagle said...

Seriously? Okay, if I was an undecided voter (and I'm not), all it would take to convince me is the thought of who'd be running the country if the president died.

Anonymous said...

I know......Sarah Palin gives me the willies.