Boom Sale

I'm Boom Bekah Baker and I'm soliciting on Ninja. This is theee best.

I'm selling some gear. I need an upgrade. I have a sweet Burton designed for chics. It's a 155 Feather. Yellow top and Blue 'B' Base. I've had it for a few years and it's still poppy and is a good all round board. It's in tip top shape. I layered on some fresh wax and sharpened the edges. I didn't even ride it last year. I'll let go of my sweet, sweet deck for $185.00 OBO. (No bindings included, I love my Customs)

I also have in my possesion, a Liquid Force 134 Angel Wakeboard W/Minx Boots-Med. I love this board, but I work for a rival company and I need to get a company ride. This board is excellent for any experience rider. It's still as poppy as the first day I got it. Edges smooth and lands soft. I'll part with this Angel package for $220.00 OBO

Shoot me a comment!

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