Devils Elbow into Lake Lillian:

This shortcut is a goat trail into a number of lakes which was sold to us last year at the Snoqual Summit early one morning for a couple of beers and other sundry delights whom the seller....could not resist. You can find the pictorial from that trip a few pages back. At any rate this is a wretched path that promises to slaughter your legs, and test your faith. Once at the top your troubles arent over, rather relieved slightly as you must immediately scuttle over a dougan that lies directly over the lake in order to continue trek. Our hero lacked the balls in the morning rain to scale said dougan and therefore sat down and contentedly had a coffee in the forest, before heading back down and reaching the truck in time to avoid the deluge from above. It was freezing up there and by the time I got back to the truck I was an ice cube, you'll see the pics.

This route dodges the Mt. Margaret slump and shaves....I dunno a good coupla hours off the shuffle, the trade off being your scaling the very spine of satan to get there, this is a big time hike that isnt long, but fraught with peril. Enjoy my turmoil and foggy reward:

(Whats with the pics of the wood? Thats the very wood Justin tried smuggling up last year)

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