First off, I have to say that no one can express themself with more respect and grace about our situation than Daniel. We all know this man is someone to cherish and love forever in their hearts. Once you meet him, you know his heart is true and full of life.

I am going to do my very best to relay, but I believe he has said it all.

When Daniel and I first met, we were both in different places in life. We NEVER thought we would be where we are at with eachother when we met. But life takes you on a journey that one can predict or alter. It comes how it should come. As the last couple years of my life have passed, I have come to realize and learn things about myself and others I never thought i could learn. I never thought LOVE could be so hard and difficult, yet so strong and easy at the same time. Someone can love you and cherish you, love all your faults but there comes a time when partners need to stand up for each other, recognize the faults and should fix in order prosper for themself and each other.

It still remains today that Daniel is my best friend. I believe in him fully as he has taught me so many things in life. We all should be proud to have him touched a part of our lives, as he is such a wonderful man. I miss my best friend dearly. In the months to come, we plan to get together and see what the road lies in store for us next. It has been an extremely difficult transition for me as I try to see where life is taking me. I think about Daniel every few minutes of everyday hoping he is smiling and giving hope (as I) to the possibility of an incredible reunion leading to a wonderful future together. We both have immense respect and gratitude toward one another, but it still can be very difficult, being apart. Being apart and not having that person you go to for EVERYTHING has been the hardest part. You have frustrating times, hard times, sad times your partner is there no matter what. In this extreme difficult pass in my life, I need him more than ever, but I know this is the time to reflect on ourselves independently.

in closing, i love everyone that has touched our lives. I wish i had more time to give, but as of now my time has run out. Til next time, I love you Daniel with all my heart and soul. Smile cause you are my heart :)

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