hahaha we are straight punks out here

so I finally paid my electric bill today...after two years!

We've all be laughing about it for like 6 months wondering when they were gonna get at me, maybe cut the lines...anything. Last night I got home and found the diconnect notice, finally.
The bill was only....i donno maybe 450 quid which I thinik is fantastic. I asked the counter girl how I got away with it for two years, she didnt know.

Anyways I get my motorhome back from the shop in two days and I cant wait. I got all new clearance lights stabbed on it and and a new house battery system installed. I forgot to get an airhorn, thats next. Justin, Andy (we hope) and I are all headed up to rip the 53" of new snow this week alone. Should be a ton left to play in, even if it is MLK weekend.
Did you guys know: I hate MLK weekend for a number of reasons....mainly its historically a bad weekend for me. Last year MLK screwed me big time....whats he got in store for me this year?
He is like that show on BET called Helldate when the devil suited midget homie comes out at the end and pokes with his pitchfork and says: "bitch you on helldate!" then everybody laughs and blah blah blah....MLK is that devil midget, and every year its like he comes outta the shadows with that dumb laugh and pitchfork pokin me and says "bitch its my day!" Look there he is.

Oh speaking of Hell dates...the ex-lax award is coming up....I gotta check with Erica first though cuz the award needs to go to BOO-BOO, one of her freinds. .....BOO-BOO got her name cuz she is a big BOO-BOO.

ok so this pic is pretty cool, its a fish I got from H.B. that I really really really like.

thugs can take everything outta my house just leave the boards and leave that fish!
This was taken last week.

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