So much time has been spent in the high country the past 7 days, Ive forgotten the world, regardless its looming encroachment. Starting tomorrow i begin the battle that will last well into the end of the month, embedded in the front lines with my team at work. There will be little time for rest, certainly no time for play and barely any food or drink will be enjoyed. What then you ask, is there to live for? I give you Bear Grylls.
Erica likes his program (man vs. wild) because he is so fiercely hot while I watch it only for the entertainment. How can you be entertained by watching a man squeeze "juice" from an elephant dung into his mouth, or even worse, drinking his own piss from a canteen as he struggles for fluids in the Kimberly Outback Aus. Its unbelievable what he does to survive. If you havent seen the show then your missing out and we arent even sure we want to know you anymore, if indeed this is the case. Next hiking trip will I eat maggots out of a rotting animal corpse? Will I be forced by thirst to canteen my own piss? I doubt it...but just in case, i now know how to do it. The greatest thing of all really is that Bear and I are both here on blogspot. Isnt it awesome? Its almost as if this blog is finally validated or something. Check it:http://beargrylls.blogspot.com/

In other news, there is no other news

ha yeah right.
OK heres the bulleted list of everything going on you need to know about:

  • tomorrows my birthday...ripe and salty at 31 (never thought Id see the day....of course it aint here yet either. Could be dead by the morning?)
  • today we are going to the Aquarium cuz its the last best place in Seattle. And its my birthday...mostly.
  • My brother met his sisters last week and it has changed his life. I gotta get to myspace and see what they look like but Im really happy for you Dover, cheers mate. Family: the more the merrier.
  • Derka is gonna buy a kayak and we are going kayak camping as soon as I slow down at work.
  • My third degree burns from last week in the mountains are finally scabbing over and ready to be picked. ew not really. I dont pick em. But they are healing well and it was worth it so Im not bitching.
  • Camped out on Cap hill for the next two weeks until things slow at the office so you can find me in the city.
  • aaaaaand tonight is the dinner gay-la with freinds and family commerating the blessed day I exploded from my mother. Instead of birthday cards and well wishes I prefer you write her thank-you cards as she seems to think Im a failure and a general vagrant in life. I will gladly give you her address if your so inclined.
  • Im not sure why that last point reminded me but today is 7-7-7!
  • I would add that as I type this wonderful segment of my life Erica sits across the table at Rosebud chomping on some sort of hippie eggs benny with tofu or something. When she drinks milk I refuse to kiss her for 2 hours so her mouth has time to purge itself. I think tofu is the same. No smooches Toad, until the Tofu goes away-way-way.
  • Gramma I saved the best for last: you. I love you and thank you for all the support and wisdom over the years....your a real lifesaver. Your my closest friend and confidant and I cant tell you how much your being in my life matters.....there literally arent the words to describe: I love you. thank-you thank-you thank-you.

ok kids: over and out, coffees getting cold.

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