how I wasted my day

this is how my day was spent (mostly)

  • wake up @ 7:30 get coffee from the pot ....turn on news then answer phone from buddy in Idaho who is breaking up with his GF cuz she hates how much he mtn bikes. Therapy lasts 25 minutes..mostly.

  • down to beach at 8:30 pick up New York Times and read. More coffee, this time Starbucks.

  • Read Times head back to kitchen and griddle up hashbrowns and eggs, thinking about Al Swearengen and Deadwood.

  • 9AM Im at the Junction but forgot why so I came back home.

  • news online and more news online, check email and blog.

  • Almost take out kayak but Im too lazy.

  • Hang out with new niegbhor for a minute and offer him watermelon. He says no.

  • call the cable guy to get HD box for my tv since we got cable yesterday. Whats the point of 42" hi def flatcreen without HD box?

  • Cant stand Starbucks, by the way.

  • Thought about going to Costco to get the mondo box of Honey bunches of Oats, but am too lazy.

  • 12pm: BACK to the Junction to get pee spray for my carpet since something pissed all over my bedroom over the weekend but bought 3 new birdfeeders instead, since the offending pisser cleaned up its mess..or the owner of the pisser, cleaned up the mess thoroughly.

  • KITS CAMERA told me they cant fix my camera so I have to buy a new one.

  • 12:30 sandwich turkey and cheese with hot mustard with classic western music and more internet.

  • 1pm eat Derkas grasshoppers cuz they so good.

  • 1:01pm: gained a pound, watched more tv thought about what to do for the day.

  • 1:10pm vacuumed.

  • 2:00pm went to beach to find stick and hit rocks into Sound with. Stick busted straight away after 5 rocks and I wasted another hour looking for one.

  • 3:00pm came back to Lair, making lunch on griddle and watching STUPID show about Neanderthals. I cant stand Neanderthals. Did you know they breastfed their spawn until they were 5 years old? Im proud to say I NEVER "suckled at the tit". Ive hated milk from day one. Thats consistent isnt it. Neanderthals would often wake up at night, roll over and excrete "offal" right off the sleep area. Isnt that sick.

  • 4pm Safeway to get italian water.

  • 4:15pm: umm nothing.

  • 4:30pm back home to watch a storm move in and the YOUTUBE debates.

  • 4:31pm: reminded how much of a LOSER Al Sharpton is.

  • Al Sharpton and Nancy Grace: ew!

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