the a's to your q's:

its been quiet around here and for good reason. The AK voyage has been put on ice for filthy rat-bastard reasons way beyond personal control, and there is a massive ninja re-boot being forged in the fire. In the meantime you can be like me and gorge on Deadwood. Again.
You can always follow this.
if that doesnt tickle your clit, then this sure as hell will, which means we have idnetical clitoral structure. Thats disturbing.

3 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

eh, a volcano's gonna blow up there soon anyway.

I headed over to the Port T this weekend, can't seem to keep myself away from there.

BOOM said...

Keep your salty balls in check. Check 'em regularly. AK will still be there once they are good. Got check you balls!

Anonymous said...

apparantly its about to blow the fuck up as well. prolly go get shithead drunk in port towns. with my laptop and pretend im a writer.