Thank God for Ectomo and Moustache Mondays otherwise Id have blown my brains out a long time ago...like...last Monday for example.
This is the worst week ever. Menstual/Clinically Insane/Flakes/Menopausal/indecisive/paraniod driven: These are most of the people around me this week. Im losing my mind. I am the Marble. You: Hippo.
Then theres' douche-twinks like young Nick who seems to think...well find out for yourself. How this came across my radar we will never know. Its all about the marble, people.

4 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

"Menstual/Clinically Insane/Flakes/Menopausal/indecisive/paraniod driven"

My week in a nutshell

stacy marie said...

Mercury turns retrograde January 11th, 2009 8 Aquarius - 12:39 pm EST
Mercury turns direct February 1st, 2009 at 21 Capricorn - 3:04 am EST

only a little over a week to go...

I fucking hate this week.

Crystal said...

I am here to piss You off, henchman.

Mercury is in retrograde. great. That's why I forgot where I live when You were in Portland. Should have been more prepared.

That also explains My recent obsession with drunken strip club hopping, circa Crystal 2003-2005.

I hate astrology.

Hang in there hench-bite. At least We have jobs!

Melissa said...

I can't find a job. AND I have my period. Fuck. This. Shit.