North! to Alaska...

**lodging fit for a pirate.
***Writing reviews for every single one. Expect greatness from the Woodshed.
****When your pilots name is Rust, you know your in good hands.
And finally: red bull and vodka for powerwatching.

My ears are here today. Now yours are with mine.

4 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...


have fun, don't die.

Anonymous said...

theres no better place to die than Alaska.
there will be massive photos.

stacy marie said...

btw...go here: http://www.lightmark.de/overview.htm

Marisa said...

so is it a good thing, then, that i haven't bought a ticket yet since your trip is "ass-fucked" or something along those lines? please explain.

ps - you will be the first, possibly the only, stop on my trip in april. well, seattle and port townsend. but that's sort of in the same area. no portland as of now.