Death to mondays

Dont you just wish Oprah would just go away already.
Dont go shaking her hand,EVER.
Full-on gloom from my second backup plan. Main plan still intact however: Piracy in Somolia. Oh...wait. New plan: Japanese girls need me.
Jason Ellis swears by tools to life, I swear by Hemingway.
henchman henching

**Raccoons dont like cock it seems.
Bizarre: knife weilding assailants now have thier own map.
Young Mr.Breedlove bangs the Mayor.
Non Piratical piracy on the high seas? How can this be.
Bored or otherwise? try this.

Good.God.if only Monday was a watermelon.

4 Henchmen:

Melissa said...

WTF! That dude and his "manhood" got what they deserved.

Anonymous said...

the raccoon needs it head smashed by monstous, horrifying tits.

stacy marie said...

looks like you've already started your own tools for life challenge.

good on ya ninja...good on ya


Anonymous said...

that is the best challenge ever!