Blue Monday

Blue Monday explained here, or: To the faithful departed. And by that I mean the denizens of FreakAngels, who are collectively losing thier minds having a bad day.
Do I need to even mention whats happening tomorrow? I didnt think so.

As usual on a Monday there is skullduggery afoot.
Losing the war on terror? try losing the war on snow. Im glad I am the only human working this glorious day.
I know by now everyone and thier mother/father/dirty little brother and guilty sister have read about this religous delight but I havent said boo on the topic. Until now. Ectomo as usual has all the answers I need.
This entry from our heros @ Wooster caught the Great Eye's attention. Enjoy.
I should be drinking in the morning. I still might. There is still time. Like this shot here, taken in Idaho last week.

Mike V and Jason Ellis have the #1 movie in America, not that we normally care, but we are red dragons so we are obligated to mention. Go forth and view.
And finally from Pakistan: if your looking for an education and your not a muslim woman the taliban wants to to fuck right off. Ahh some things never change. like the taliban.

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