greetings and salutations fellow henchman. Today Im your gramma in the kitchen; day before a holiday....running aroung checking temps on the webs...following up on links...telling you to shut the fuck up how much I love you. Yes you.
Yesterday brought the open of the 2k9 snow season with the the grand intro of pure evil, Board Du Jour: Le'Vapour. There is a demon built into that board, a mean little monster. Methinks melikes.
In the world of addiction I present this dirty needle and for those of you who love animals as much as @Otis there is this nugget of joy. Speaking of twitter: If your like me, you just started following this douche and already are disgusted.
More from Twitter: My 1 y.o. neice hijacked my phone last night, and did this:(geek award).

I am strongly considering turning Facebook into a new, vast empire of pittance and fealty.
Ive already changed my mind. All it took was one login. Stupid annoying F-Book.

Good morning Scum! We are alive, just not for long.
More goodness again right here.

"a wooden bar with medieval style mugs, pitchers, food and drink and even a tavern wench!" My downfall is singing her siren tune...

from the office:

3 Henchmen:

Melissa said...

Fuck you, Penguin! ROFL! Why don't you submit that picture of Sadie running in the waves on the beach?

BOOM said...

I'm going to drug run your cookies. when is a good time. i have another west seattle stop.

stacy marie said...

I never knew wombats could be so cute. I saw a rat last night, maybe I should send this guy that picture.