I gave birth last night to a beautiful baby blue monster. He gets a Spear and full rights to eat whatever he wants. Pass the kookies.
Sick of seeing the trad heart with the word "mom", I went for something twice as good. The heart with banner: cookie. A sinister, spear wielding Hero from Sesame Street was only natural. You can hear him in the Spew region.
Kudos and emoticons to Duca for another job well done.

Now on to something great. I get alot of shit for my thoughts about the way AIDS, CANCER AND GLOBAL WARMING are handled. My sentiments are long known that while the afflictions are viable and sincere...there is a cure (withheld) and this is nothing more than a bedeviled revenue stream for god knows who.
Al Gore would have us all pay a global tax on the afflictions of this planet, some of which we certainly have caused, but most of which I feel are merely cyclic events that can be traced back Millenia. Merely a cycle....and humans merely adapt. As we always have. I give you this golden nugget and follow it with fatally delicious sauce
And once your done there, check this out, because its all your fault.
While your berating yourself for being such an asshole as you breathe into the free air..I will be reading a sloppy editorial from our man on the street.
Then to placate my own sense of diminishing self worth, I will attend a a robot rave because really, in the end: we are doomed regardless. Robots, Warming, or Al Gore digging inappropriately into my front pockets...looking for...change.

And then theres this: educate yourselves.
Tuesday is for Kookies:

**you ever get the idea that "somebody's just sort of...clocked out.

***The circus continues.

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stacy marie said...

I lived in a zone next to the port of Long Beach, CA where the highest concentration of cancer in the state was recorded. Just by breathing the air we ran the risk of lung cancer. That's crap. I should be able to breathe.

I don't care if Gore labels it Global Warming, I know it's not and I know it's a cyclical process...however, he's drawing attention to our dependence on oil and the damage that we have created around the world by not being responsible inhabitants of this wonderful earth.

We should respect the earth, not treat it like shit. If someone has to label it global warming in order for us to start taking responsibility for our actions then so be it. People on a whole are stupid and driven by fear, so if we have to strike some fear into them....well yeah. Mother f'ers.

happy tuesday!

BOOM said...


I think one of my toes has frostbite, I can't feel it.

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

@stacey marie: they are all lemmings. Rushing forward.
I have seen the air quality report you mentioned, I remember what I said the moment I saw it....made a sailor blush somewhere.

@Boom: my brain has frostbite.