Monday (#6)

*Greetings and salutations henchmen. In case your confused as to what exactly the 6th M is..., be confused no longer. Holiday is over, which is why im thankful this year.

**i recognize what day of the week it is, I know your still hungover. It might not seem like it, but somehow...some way...even after what Im about to make you read, I love you, really I do. Your the child who receives a beating, and then is hugged. Its ok, Twat-Bot is on the East Coast, far from us. Surely, we are safe.

***speaking of safe: are you close to losing your job to the recession? Buy your tickets now, theres good work in Iraq. It pays well I hear.

****this is an astonishing sunrise caught over Greenland.

*****Attention Idaho henchmen, this ones for you; Government Way: here I come. "I like yard sales," he said. "All true survivalists like yard sales."

2 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

first off, are you on crack? where do you find all this stuff. I don't even have the mental cappacity to begin looking for this shit. but anyway, it's good. if it weren't for this, i wouldn't know much, and be bored. thanks.

secondly, monday can piss right off. bye bye monday

Anonymous said...

the armchair survivalist is the shit. Im going to his shop, and I am befriending him.