Monday #13

Greetings and Salutations Henchmen. How goes the battle? Talk to me. How are you, where are you? Where have you been, what have you seen? It has become Monday...all over again. Which means tomorrow is Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays.
I cannot explain what's in my head come the morning. This morning is Sol Invictus. Two cuts on this vid, but Dead Men is the tune I was after.

*Monday is brought to you by manifest destiny found here.

**Blizzards are happening where it counts, @ Stevens and @ Silver. Its about time. @ this point I'm self destructing faster than hell feeling like a total expat.

***stop by and visit electric spectre, something about the horrors of nature. What could be better next than voting in the 2008 Douchies? I will be. Find me in the comments section. Usual rules apply.

****Speaking of which, brown bags' been re-upped, this time with Holiday cheer. As usual: you are on your own. I shall dedicate this to "anonymous". Merry christmas, anon.

*****Mike Shinoda wants you to come over.

******desecration abounds in Paris

*******brilliant thread you should be following about Krampus

5 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

see blog. i miss you. please be snowing so DB does not self destruct.

Anonymous said...

excellent squid. I want it on Ninja.

stacy marie said...

Krampus is creating an urge for me to be a bit evil next year...

perhaps there is still time this year?

BOOM said...

when it's finished. it still needs stealth camo

Anonymous said...

@staceymarie: krampus gets my heart racing. And to think I thought Id never find love again.