Hype or Dread

Saturday. 10am. Hangover in the HOV lane coming at me like a daughter of Hell. And we all know what those girls are capable of.
Blizzards, snow bukakke's, and I still have to buy provisions. Im late, the motorhome awaits her Skipper. Maiden voyage of the season tonight, into the arms of hell. Im sailing alone therefore I'm perishing alone. Im not laughing in the face or terror and Doom,Im just looking at it sideways..trepidatiously. I possibly just made that word up. Stay tuned as I broadcast my death over Twitter.
And no: God isnt dead. But I am next. So is Farva:

In Life and in Death: I am Ellis Mate til the end!

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Snotty McSnotterson said...

'Trepidatiously' is a word. But just barely.

And apparently Blogger doesn't think so; but Wiktionary does.