Gday Guvnah!

The Braintrust has returned and even better, in multiple pieces, held together by baling wire and goat intestines. Yes: we have been to Idaho. We went, we did not conquer. Rather than spew the details choppily all over this veritable porcelain bowl of filth.....I give you this: A Henchmans Holiday
Ninja now returns to her regular broadcasting. Expect great things.

Kookies dominates my mind. DOMINATES. check for spew.

Because theres more to life than gaming, for example: big macs and old men.

2 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

I've spent 5 days playing Gears of War 2 and drinking Monarch...there is NOTHING better than gaming :)

Happy Holidays! Thanks for always making me smile, random internet guy.

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

monarch....I found 2 bottles on the streets last week.
was it you?