Fridays: for the feral

*Nothing could say Saturday morning "what the hell" more than waking up next to an Android. Meet Aiko, she is hot and clearly has a green thumb. Especially good is the request for donations to make her more hu-man like. You figure that out on your own, hu-man reader. So long, Earth girls. And as we say goodbye to them, we say hello to Friday.

**Fascinating stuff from Jerusalem here. Stored for later reading.

***Auto-Pilot by now people. Autopilot.

****you will find my predictions for 2k9 @ FreakAngels sometime this weekend. They are vast, I assure you.

*****the trouble with those pesky vampires is that now that this is gone, your really quite screwed. Best of luck, blood-lings.

******buy or die: Shirt of the Day, seen here:

3 Henchmen:

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much

stacy marie said...

well...anonymous to be deleted again?


hopefully no deletion for me as I add the following:

check it...thought you might dig it.

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

ninja will never be censored again. I was channeling bad things that day. republicans I think.
in other news: stereohell is fucking awesome. tearing it apart later.