code red: its friday.

Greetings and Salutations Henchman. Class in now in session. Did you wake up @ 3am with Courtney Love screaming in your head while Pete the Meat Puppets hairnetted mother gleamed at you from the clouds? I doubt you did. Add Moral Orel into the mix and your brewing something bad. prepare to recieve your flogging.

*To start, lets suffer alongside Hilary "the testicle" Clinton. You pay, I laugh.

**Now that youve donated to "the testicles" doomed campaign, lets consider falling oil prices in alaska and @ home. Good news for those of us with caravans, bad news if your interested in not having WW3. If Iran needs oil @ 90/barrel to meet its budget....well you do the math.

***that awesome Jeff Soto piece above is from his Wooster interview found here.

****today is Friday. that means today is brought to you by the letter F.

*****better to die 'neath an Irish sky. Methinks the days been saved. Heres your daily dose.

******heres one for all the drag/hag queens. way to go girls.

*******speaking of "the girls", rememeber that one time posted that one thing about Hilary the testicle Clinton wanting you to pay for her bungled campaign? Lets swing the bat the other way and take a hard look at what hockey mom was doing in her final blaze of glory. Am I a misogynist? did I even spell that right? the answer to both questions is probably no. Im just tired of not spelling words correctly and of people trying to take my money. Get the hell off my money, ho! Up next I predict coke snorting, khat chewing jihadists' will be in Antarctica in... wait a minute, is that them..in the orange boat....oh god. Will somebody please photoshop this so the word Hezbollah is being shouted by militants. And then take the Testicles' face and slap it carelessly on the captain of the orange vessel. And then leave a khat stain/dribble on her chin. Dont forget the wild eyes. Its friday people. FRIDAY.
Before noon you will meet guys from Houston who get alot of play time on my ipod. ALOT.

*******i of course am highly amused. Out of Seattle no less.Bandit: Mr.White doesnt look quite like a bandit to me. Surname of White seems odd as well. I think I will buy one, so Will Chapman can laugh his way to the bank. also: will be re-naming Mr.White. His new home will be in my truck, on the dash, watching the infidels cut me off on the Viaduct. We will spend the season caroling, with his father.

********brand new brown bag. shmoov.

*********umm.. cartoon network has a kid named Flapjack and his pirate mentor. methinks me likes but me donts knows whys.

5 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

FIRST! LAWL! It's going to be a good morning when I get to work and gaze half sleeping through your posts.

yes, i've been sleepwalking the past few weeks, witless

BOOM said...

PS the kid checks out lego dudes at Brick Arms. Boys and their armies...

Anonymous said...

i know.......I thought of him. its ratfucked ive been up sinec 3am watching REALLY bad telly.

BOOM said...

oh yeah cause he showed you once right? I forgoteth. I didn't sleep last night. I'm bored.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Liking the Jeff Soto; he does the best robots.