All hell has broken loose!

yes its true. Snowstorm of the century and Seattle is in sheer terror of what this could mean. Im seeing the future through the snowglobe that I just shook:
Wild eyed white collar workers huddled around barrel fires in dingy alleyways, unsure of stepping out into the gale. Humans eating their young out of the back of their Hybrid vehicles which have been stalled on I-5 for *gasp* 4 hours....then piling into said vehicle and clustering around propane torches stolen from a pastry chef near you. Its creme brulee' for your fingers.All will die of course. Looting, slippy rioting as hipsters take to the streets in righteous indignation at God for bringing this doom to us all. I have shocking photos of the carnage, taken this morning during my treacherous trek from the Cheescake Factory. (dont ask)

More hellday here.

2 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

this is nothing compared to the mayhem on the eastside. i shit you not, we have a foot of snow

stacy marie said...

I'm f'ing loving this!! Stay tuned for pics...