it saturday. fAck my head hates me. and I hate it.I want this. I want it now. oh god my head.
**been reading about blood diamonds again all morning.... Im supposed to be... completely hungover. As Ino puts it: perpetually so. She is right this week. This binge must fade. And soon. Or I could just ask myself the same thing I have done so many times before in moments like this: what would Bukowski do? In the meantime we are all slug-bots with our digital trace. Welcome to today. this was last night. sunset on the phone.

***im having Gen Tsao for lunch, my brain demands that I abuse my stomach in a fair and even handed manner, and I say equality for all, unless im not in the mood. then its brain rape. 12K henchmen have been here since June. Thats gold watch country if you ask me. I can go to Somalia and take up with Pirates....and chew my first Khat ever..or I could go Zimbabwe and throw my lot in with diamong smugglers and try not to die getting to London to meet Israelis for the sell. I could always just go to work too. I guess we all know what Im gonna do. Its moments like this that I hate myself for being so predicably boring. Somebody mail me khat please.

****because every time I wake up its a new day. and a new song. this is from this mornings awakening.

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BOOM said...


Anonymous said...

brain rats? are not fucking amazing. where the hells our SNOW boom? damnit im losing my faculties...bit by bit.

BOOM said...

i tried the dance, i tried the chants, i even tried doubting it would ever snow, because you know my luck. i have a feeling it will be here just in time for new year. i'm ready to launch something huge this season

Marisa said...

so i must ask, since y'all seem like experts, do i put the ski box on now and hope that forces the snow, or leave it off until it snows for fear of the jinx? quite a conundrum i have on my hands here.