Wednesday Weary

Man Ive got some stupid post titles this week. Its Sesame Street all over again around here.
Ok Rick is gone. In retrospective I wish I wouldve done a "your daily richard" bit but its too late now. Thanks for the support, I was really suprised at the attention this received and while I typically compile a "final report" for all things I deem interesting, I dont know I will for this one. The trip was a success personally, and the reality of seeing my father for essentially the first time as an adult....was a good one, and unexpected.
I am exhausted mentally. Wanna stare at lights for hours and not think about anything.
Looks like Ive come up with a great plan for tonight.
Thanks everybody for the texts and tweets all week, theyve been good.

Now: on to regular Ninja Broadcasting.

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SadieMBeagle said...

Durka durka. Jihad. Thursday.

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