Tuesday Trog

last tuesday was evil. todays tuesday is just slightly angst-ridden. I finally know why: Ive had the past two Mondays off, which means Tuesdays have really been Mondays, and we all know how much I like Mondays.This little ditty is hot off the press, and sounds alot like a nursery rhyme. Its alot like a labotomy, sort of.
In the words of the One who shall not be named: "All I wanna do is smoke dope and rap". You know who you are....you know I got love.
I will assault you all this evening, from the comfort of my cave. Stay tuned.

**Apparantly pirates are feral addicts. Who wouldve guessed.

*** your new best friends: keep yourself busy watching psychotic crabs until I get back chilluns.

****Watching cows take dumps in fields was a childhood favorite in the backseat of my fathers Mercury. The game was to spot a cow with tail hoisted just before spackling the ground with fudge, and calling it with a hearty poke to the ribs. I always defeated my brother. Always. It remains obvious my keen eye for for shit hasnt gone away, as evidenced by this article of Russian theorum. Igor seems to have Mother Russia's tail hoisted above Sarah Palin.

*****surely this is a sign from the Heavens, that your all DOOMED to endure what could be mental devastation: weeks of letter matching daily postings, (you may recall sesame street last week?) Run now, hide your children and wives....Im looking for Wednesday W already. And no: it wont be Thursday Thanks, in case your wondering. While searching, I might go here for a burger. And cocktail(4).

2 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

"Agents for the firm have told would-be customers it is developing collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they have been shot."

Well..that's one way to recycle.

Anonymous said...

truly green.
didnt we see Tyler Durden do this?