Tuesday Terrors:

I am insect. Ravenous plant categorized as "other".

*Ive decided to get a jump start on Tuesday with this little punk who I can only wish was mine. Mommy clearly forgot to give somone thier meds.

** Evil Little Tuesday just tried to kill me. Evil Little Tuesday has turned into a wicked little redhead all the sudden. B/c of this, we start our day....or whats left of it, here. (why wasn't I the son of a president?) Also curious: has anybody named my new niece yet? Personal submissions begin now.

***Family is great, so they say....but little do I know of this topic. I suspect Im about to learn alot more than I bargained for. In the meantime I strongly suggest that Ninja is a little too sticky/sweet with all this family photo blowout. I promise Im back on track starting immediately. You can all open your eyes now.
Rick however, is about to recieve the Ninja Braintrust Endorsement. Kudos and Emoticons to you, Richard. Its not everyday we hand out a coveted N.B.E.

**** all this talk of puberty...(specifically mine) has me listening to the best punk of all time: The Queers. Look for fresh puke. In the meantime I am revisiting EVERY ALBUM theyve ever done, which you can get if you kick my ass and steal my ipod.
Dont do that.

*****and when was the last time you were here, feral readers?

****** more genious from NatGeo. biblical archaeology tickles my fancy.

3 Henchmen:

stacy marie said...

My Favorite:

Lynda Bird Johnson: Flash those pearly whites and let us run our fingers through your helmet-like hair, Lynda, because if we'd had anything to do with it, you wouldn't be wearing that virginal wedding white for long. You're the proud initial-sake of dad LBJ - lose the L and let's talk.

Anonymous said...

lets name my new niece with anything about lbj.

Tracy Dart said...

not a twit yet. should I? just because you tell me to? hmmm! btw...i will be sitting at the bar with the greeks tonight. will I see you?