Thursday Thuggish:

I know what your thinking. I agree. Sesame street really does suck but I cant stop the post title thing from happening. Its hell, hell I tell you. Thank goodness friday is close.....and not for obvious reasons.
Ok lets talk about Shariah Law and how it relates to Jihad:
In the future, Americans who have long since been bailed out financially by Arab States, will of course be forced to endure Shariah banking (why am i capitalising the word shariah?) which as you know could get ugly if your into having bacon with your eggs after a long and hearty night of boozing it up and buying hookers. Now: in the olden days a simple beheading would suffice for such vulgarious trespasses.....but in the future of things, I see us getting not our heads lobbed off; instead: our thumbs.
No more texting the internet or what few freinds we have in real time.....and most certainly a revamping of the typing system, as we know it. Driving with your thumbs like I do? forget it. Thumbs up? are you kidding, it will be all about the dreaded emoticon. We might possibly......be f'ed in the A, as a scholarly associate of mine so delicately puts it.
Shariah people, shariah. Its coming to a prayer rug near you.
Theres your daily jihad.

now to the news:
didn't I just say f'ed in the A?
And why am I thinking about Shariah and opposable thumbs so early, or really...anytime.

**my brain has been lubed with mutton and vodka. Everything is going to be just fine, even though I just sort of gazed off while looking at the words sharia law and it turned into looking like sarah palin. really.

***prepare to get knifed/gunned down and or choked out. I will be sipping vodka watching the best buy webcam, chuckling with delight. At sunrise. No you cannot borrow my tent! I would wear armour, were I you. Heres what you need to tell me: how many Prius Hybrids did you see from your sleeping bag on YOUR black friday sidewalk. Im guessing none, and if I am wrong, those will be the shoppers who get mauled/trampled first. Its surival of the fittest, no room for pacifism.

****Hitler, it turns out, was not a pacifist, he also did not wear armour. Reminds of a ditty: "Balls! said the Queen, for if I had two then I would be King!". Hitler must have been a Queen.

*****reloaded the barf bag, this one is sleepy...but from a good freind so why not? (say hi to Ino here)

******well this speeds things up very nicely!so long, productivity for the rest of the week.

******* spend 10 minutes here at least: excellence from Hi-Fructose I really like just the stuff from Gail Potocki, beyond her you're on your own.

********Hustla meets red diggers. This is how you find me this winter....besides the black motorhome.

7 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

Your intellect is curiously disturbing, I like it.

Anonymous said...

i woke up this morning thinking about Billy Mays and losing my thumbs. What the hell is the matter with my brain!

BOOM said...

the vodka???

Tracy Dart said...

I'm totally stealing "f'd in the A". That is brilliant! And so PG-13!

BOOM said...

I want to thank you incredibly for Gail Potocki

BOOM said...

Also, now I know what snowman to look for on the backside i'm sure.


Anonymous said...

My favourite is Thaw.
Red Diggs are great huh. thx!