Sunday McDouchery

Often..(twice annually) I find myself mired in a deep mental muck, blamed squarely on lack of outdoor activities (snowboaring/backpacking). Welcome to my Autumn. Last night I ate jelly bellys right before bed, in fact I may have not even been finished chewing when I lay my head down...and of course followed the night terrors. Didnt sleep worth a damn, dreamt of rehab, jailtime and Jim Jones types. For breakfast I had a vodka and burnt cheeseburger surrounded by apathetic Seattle-ites, eating their vegan burgers with no cheese, and sort of cheering on the Seahawks as we lost another round. Later at Home Depot I listened in as contructo-types laughed at me for having the pink carcass in back of my trucK which I hurt my back when loading up from Pops house today, since he is moving to Fresno on Tues. Then I went to Ballard to see my cousin who of course needed a coffee. Ten minutes later at Starbucks as I tried to decipher their dialect (venti/short skinny/gayfag/tall is actually short/breadcake is actually a cookie etc etc etc...) and felt like an absolute fuckoff for not knowing. Then I remembered I didnt give a shit. That was a relief, I went home to switch out the electrical outlet that Josh ratfucked months ago, got halfway into the project and then snatched out of the whole thing for fear of death. Sticking screwdrivers into exposed sockets is not my idea of a good time. Upon surrender of thsi project I logged into the playground of my choice and foung this: DOOMED TOGETHER.
Today I feel like leaving this pit of self oblivion, and moving to the country.

Ahhh.....god no.....looking up at the telly i see Bear Grylls squeezing "nutritional juices" into his mouth out of a pile of elephant shit for "survival". Allegedly he has not found water in 24 hours, hence the shit harvest.
My day just gets better and better.

Update: After 30 minutes making the rounds online, with MF Doom and Skullcandy (open and breathe in the barf bag to examine)Im feeling the bubonic float away. Back into Ballard to a reformed opium den for H.H. with Itchy, Den-Mother and JoJo.
Promise tomorrow I start 365. With Snowho. Below is the first phot I took for the series, never distributed.
Pink carcass lives above.

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