Ninja Gyre

* Good morning Henchman, now that the roof of my mouth has been sliced to ribbons at the hand of this scurvey bastard, lets admire this genious: never has a review of a Moustache excited me so. Welcome to Moustache Monday, which Ive been attendning for some time now, as should you.
Bucking a recent trend, no one has been shot/killed/stabbed/raped in the night. kudos and emoticons to you, Seattle for keeping a cool head for over 12 hours.
Last nights 24 premier was boring. The kid in the striped shirt that kept screwing everything up irritates me even still. Thanks to all who came, we had fun.

** AZ is from the place where the hardcore is beautiful. Check out the brown bag.

***you daily jihad is diffent today. It is LIVE. it is represented by my journey into the worst form of humanity (no im not talking about the gloryhole maze some of you recieved word of yesterday via phone): Armed with BOTH ipods, lower than usual beanie and most comfortable hoodie, I am headed into the abyss of mass consumerism: the mall. Is there dread? no. Concern? yes. I hate the mall. I will spackle the quest with occasional tip of the flask to maintain an even keel. All hail the twitter gods: Im off to live, breathe, battle the masses: a real time daily jihad.
As far as the "gloryhole maze": Umm...its real, we found it one night in an ad for the Stranger, gave it to our bartender who then took it to the kitchen which then literally stopped production for 5 minutes in shock/laughter/awe/disbelief. Dare I find the link? and post it here? eh...watch my tweet stream and then be on your own. Mind you: the maze is for men only. Surely the apocalypse is close, unless any one of the four horsemen....gets lost in the maze.

****And we wonder as a whole why there is pestilince in the land. 5 minutes into maze research and Im sullied for the morning. I am done, no more questions ever again, for sure. next time, I will wisely nod my head in infinite understanding. And then watch this, which is sure to clear my brain. stupid squirrels.

*****NASA's lost toolbag, hurtling towards a backyard/airplane cockpit near you.

******The Irish dont need to see the Squirrel Zapper above. They appear to love thier squirrels.

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