Friday Feral

Not exactly how I planned on raising my children, much less being the start of my day. Alarming government report predicts environmental catastrophe, threat of nuclear war and the decline of America as the dominant global power by 2025.
In commemoration of this report, i reloaded the brown bag with something appropriately late.

*Last night was a relatively quiet event, spent in Jules Maes @ Georgetown, seems like Im trending towards Georgetown again, in a big way. On to friday. Kudos and emoticons to Ms.Franz, out of Missoula who called the day before it even began!

**I cant imagine a more appropriate link for friday feral.this shit is real-time, and you thought Somalia was the only country for piracy. Frankly: Im shocked.

*** today is the day this thing comes to life. I am tempted like never before! Try not to stare at the disgusting display of cuticles on the touchpad shot.

****good mother! I just remembered to check this; and its looking good!

*****pirates as businessmen or: Welcome to growth enterprise in the anarchic societies of the 21st century you pick your own title. while you do that, Im moving to Puntland.

******seriously, this is your chance to be a seafaring bastard: I really want to move now, and be a pirate.

******* why wont this stop? is tomorrow really going to be: "saturday skullduggery". Please...make this stop.

********Little Calvin is only 2 years old, yet he takes Viagra....every day. Puberty with your creamed carrots, Calvin?

********* my dreams are shattered. Heres your daily jihad.

**********before I head off to see the Greeks, I leave you with this sidenote: Origin of names. Baghdad is "gods gift" Great Britain means "land of the tattooed"..etc etc etc....for the rest of the night, find me here

10 Henchmen:

JamSam Media said...

thats sexxxy

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

i wanna stick my....ahh...umm...well anyways. (Its not like the device is a plate of mashed potatoes..)

the suns shining today and scorching the lands of our Western Waters.
No desolate winter-scapes for me.
only fantasys of having a Storm in my pocket. Breast pocket, since I read earlier today that one man's phone stopped a bullet...yet ruined his shirt.

stacy marie said...

iPhone much?

it's nice though...

I think the name Feral Children is profoundly perfect.

:) yay friday!

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

@stacey marie: u are shadowy ninja.
In and out before I can catch you.

BOOM said...

Bubs, fall is a sneaky devil. I have a feeling from the intensity of the cold and wind and low ocean flowing clouds, snow is on the way. I'm kind of hoping to get snowed in for Thanksgiving in Idaho.

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

@BOOM: I saw your tweet earlier about it....your right. Im just tired of stenciling....wait a minute. Im not stenciling anything anywhere.
let it snow!

stacy marie said...

I am the terror that flaps in the night...

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

@stacey marie: sounds like an 80 y.o. in a nursing center after a meal of cauliflower.

stacy marie said...

ah come on...it's dark wing duck!

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

dark wing duck....of course. Now whose the 80 y.o. senile?