Fast mover:

*Obama offers Chief of Staff post to Rahm Emanuel (older interview offers excellent view of the man.)

**Dear Obama: from the middle east

***Hey Sarah, you just might be ratfucked

****then there is this, somehow related I'm sure

*****Evidence of an intelligent decision, this is one of the defining reasons I voted Obama. I have been following ADN.COM for many years, simply out of fascination for what I have always regarded as the last great state.....consequently I have followed Palin as well. She always has been and will always be an absolute liability to any politics she involves herslef in, demostrated in this not so startling expose'.
Pat yourself on the back before, during and after reading this piece

Im reminded here of Ellis the Internet Jesus, who pointed out the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, and linked that to Palins' wishful return to a bid for the White House in the same year. Its all coming together now.

******Speculation on cabinet appointments.

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