Delightfully rude

Last night was a banner event. Incredibly rude and appropriately offensive, things everywhere have gone quite politico. Put a real estate mogul, an entertainment guru, a hip hop recording artist, and and orchard owner together, feed them all copius amonts of liquor, then add a sizeably inebriated helping of myself. Combine in blender and mix on high until thoroughly chopped. Serve hot or chilled.

Take immediate cover.

Good morning world, theres more headlines than I know what to do with today; mornings like this are my favourite.

lets begin here.

* re-upped the barf bag. this is getting daily. Stay tuned accordingly.

**this cam is getting important fast!Vapor gets its first erection. Puberty wont be nearly as awkward for it as it was/is for me.

***didnt I just get done saying how I wanted to be a Dominican from the Bronx? Ive changed my mind

****Sure she is great but Snowho will never convince me to use emoticons. Ive been tempted by the siren call of the emoticon....but I always prevail.

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