what the deuce.

this is unbelievable: IM actually.....bored.
Ive exhausted all the threads I am interested in.....theres nothing really happening at White Chapel and if I go back to facebook Im gonna delete my account there without saying so long ot my little brother....and Im not that much of an asshole I guess...I really dont know..maybe I am?
nahh..Im not.
I was reading through my backpacking journal this afternoon (its the little yellow book in one pic of every trip report Ive ever done) ....and I found these really shitty sketches I made to sort of...illustrate the moments of each trip that stood out to me. Maybe tonight I will put those to larger paper and see what it looks like when I actually try to sketch.
It will be the stick figure rendering of my incompetencies outdoors that will make my fortune on ebay.
damn....im bored.
unsure about this new emotion.

2 Henchmen:

BOOM said...

boredom is my worst enemy, it makes me bad...i'm bad right now

Ninja-Motorhome! said...

im bad art, for real.